Sneaker Buying Guide

Buyers usually feel tired and exhausted when it comes to shopping or especially buy a new pair of sneakers. In common sense, people do not only want a good quality pair of sneakers but also a good looking pair of sneakers. There are many trends on sneakers going on in the market, which require from buyers a research before they can decide which one is selected.

The confusion when choosing a pair of shoes is common, you are not the only one. It also happens that you know exactly what you want from a pair of sneakers but you can not find the right one that satisfies your need. It is quite tough to pick a pair of sneakers that needs your need and fits you.

Sneaker Buying Guide

Here are some tips which are essential for you before you decide to buy nay pair of sneakers. The guide will include tips for buying as well as for knowing your feet. There are basics things you need to know about your feet before thinking about the features of the shoes.

Get Acquainted With Your Feet

You might find advertisement such as the best sneakers for being on feet all day. However, it does not totally mean that especial pair of sneaker will be the one for your feet. Every single human being has a different structure in their feet, no one has the same one as you have.

Therefore, it depends on your feet forms and customs when you need to choose a good pair of sneakers. The fundamental thing when it comes to picking the best sneakers is that you have the best one that makes you comfortable, not the best one in the advertisement. The sneaker which is advertised as the best one might or might not fit your fit since it is ranked by the feedback of many buyers.

Basically, you should get to know some terms when talking about your foot such as foot types, arch, size, form, etc. You can consult a doctor or check some article online to define your foot types. There are literally three types of the foot as normal arch, flat arch and high arch.

Consequently, the kind of shoes which you need to by is decided by your foot type, which is very important to know. There is a quick test called ‘wet test’ that you can take at home to know to which type your foot belongs to.

You first wet the sole of your foot by water. After that, step and stand on a shopping bag or a heavy piece of paper. The result is illustrated by the picture of your arch in the paper. If you can see half of your arch, you have the most common type, normal arch. If the arch is fully showed in the footprint, you have a flat arch. If you can barely see the edge of your foot, it is likely that you have the last foot type called high arch.

Time To Buy Sneakers

Except for the one who is going to buy sneakers for the first time, another buyer should replace their old sneaker with the new one periodically. Every 400 to 400 miles of walking or standing is the best time to change to a new pair of shoes. It is usually equal to 6 months for active people to 1 years for the others. Even though your sneaker still looks new after a year, it is time to have a new one because there are outdoor elements and weather factors that break your shoes down.

Here is the tip that you should not go and buy your sneaker in the morning. The best time to try on a pair of shoes is late afternoon. After a day of working, you must already have some work out for your foot. Then, the size of your foot will be at its biggest. Therefore, you can have a try on and see the result more correctly. There can be a half size difference when you try on shoes in the morning and at the end of the day.

Asking Help From Sales Person

Even though you already research information beforehand, the communication between you and sale person is kind of important. If you let them know enough about your feet types and wish, they can give you a recommendation. Sale person is commonly educated about many types of shoes and suggestion for customers.

In some stores, you can always consult specialist from the stores for help. It might be difficult for some people who have feet problem to fund shoes. For example, you have blister, heel pain, narrow feet or injuries history. Thus, the specialist can make it easier and faster for you with some recommendation.

Knowing The Activities You Do

Sneakers can be used for many functions such as running, walking or jogging. However, in different types of activities, there are distinctive features for the need. For example, for walking shoes you might need comfort, cushioning but not much supporting. However, a pair of running shoes should be supportive and flexible.

Many people do not consider the activities they do with the sneakers. However, regard what kinds of activities you do whether running, dancing or playing tennis, you should find a specific pair of shoes for it. The support from a sole of the sneaker is different for what you need.

Be Loyal To One Brand

Once you have found a brand that has the sneakers make you comfortable, you should stick with that brand. Many people usually keep switching shoe brand, which is not recommended. Because a company is really consistent in how they make the shoes and the quality of the shoes. Hence, you can trust in their design and features which you already have good experiences with. Experts suggest that a pair of athletic sneakers may cost around 85 dollars. It is not reasonable to pay 190 dollars for a pair of sneakers.




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